Friday, June 11, 2010

Focus on Me Friday: Memorial Day Memories

***If ever one wonders why I feel like my life could be a movie (or better yet a sitcom), it's because stuff keeps happening that seems like it could be written for storyline purposes.***

For Memorial Day, my mother asked me to invite PT to our house for our bbq. He has his daughter with him every weekend, so he brought her too. I was a bit nervous about my parents meeting PT for only the second time and his daughter for the first time. But I went with it.

They arrived and his daughter was in a bad mood. She kept trying to leave our house and was fussing about her toys. My mother gave me a look that expressed a great displeasure. But after a while, his daughter calmed down and was even enjoyable. By the time they left, she had my mother opening boxes of collector's edition Barbie dolls, she had me giving her my entire stash of grapes (we both love grapes, but she doesn't have sharing down just yet), and she was getting away with climbing the furniture.

PT also met three of my friends for the first time, including Bad. I figured and hoped they would get along great and they did. Bad is a pretty rough judge of the guys I've dated, but he really liked PT. In fact, everyone did. I can't even joke about finding a better guy than PT and cutting him loose without my girls who were at the bbq chastising me.

PT had to leave at one point to take his daughter back to her mother's house, but he returned to my parents' house to hang out some more. I finally got my wish of having a four person band playing Rock Band 2. We actually had a lot of fun. It relieved one of my worries about the age difference between PT and I. He can get along with my friends without feeling old or making them feel young.

I have a friend who nicknamed him granddad even though her husband is only one year younger than PT. And Bad and I have hung out with her and her husband and they make us feel like they're old. Don't get me wrong, I love her and her husband, but I really hope at one point in the future PT and I can hang out with them so it can be illustrated that my guy may be older than hers, but he's much younger at heart.

So far, things with PT are going pretty good. Everyone loves him. If only he wasn't so busy all the time, I might actually sit back and enjoy how wonderful he seems to be.

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