Monday, September 20, 2010

Melody's Monday: The Fall Brings A Fall

***Melody is my little sister for all intents and purposes. She has just begun her second year of college. She's learning the ups and downs of relationships, as well as what she's looking for in a relationship as a young adult. Her ideas of romance are informed by the Bible, parents, romantic comedies, and friends. Take that, add in some newfound freedom, and you've got a recipe for interesting tales.***

Quick Recap[The last time I wrote about Melody, she and Tweety were getting ready for the next school year to start. He had decided he wasn't transferring schools and things were all good. Melody seemed really happy and I was happy for her.] Read Melody's Monday posts.

Since that time, they've broken up! And it was about such bullshit. Tweety isn't a virgin, Melody is. Anyone who's ever dated a young college man who is used to having sex may share her pain. It was a slightly difficult decision for Melody about how to handle it. She ultimately decided to focus on her goals she had in place before she had the boyfriend. She intends to stay a virgin until she's married.

I talked with her about it before they broke up and she was asking if she was right to make this decision. That let me know it was based so much on the things her parents told her should be. I told her to pray about it and think about it and she did decide it was something that mattered to her and not just because her parents said so or her church says so. And when she told Tweety this, he said he could handle it, but it was basically a countdown to him deciding he couldn't handle it.

He broke up with her and ended up leaving town to go to a school in Tennessee somewhere. I say good riddance. It would be more difficult for her to be at school if he was there because they had started to blend friends. And now they'll just be her friends.

Melody is feeling hurt by the breakup, as well she should. He knew this about her when they met (through church friends, no less), and he said it was okay. He was full of crap and I'm so happy that she got out when she did, even if it wasn't her decision. She would have regretted it if she had sex with him just to not lose him. No guy, especially a 19 year old guy, is worth that depth of compromise.

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