Monday, June 7, 2010

Melody's Monday: Summer Lovin', They're Having A Bla-ast

***Melody is my little sister for all intents and purposes. She just finished her freshman year of college and her love life is filled with all the wonderful things that brings. She has new found freedom mixed with ideals of romance informed by parents and romantic comedies. She is currently involved in what will probably go down in her history as her first adult relationship.***

Today's post is about enjoying the wonderful freedom that being a college kid with the summer off provides. There is no other time in life like it. You have ultimate freedom with minimal responsibility. And Melody is living it up. Tweety, who her boyfriend for a month now, is consuming a lot of her time. Every time I talk to her, they're at the beach, or they're headed to the movies or the park or a restaurant. When they're not working, that is.

It reminds me of being her age and wanting to spend all your time with this person just because you could. He seems to make her happy so far. She tells cute stories about how they just sit in the park and talk for hours about any and everything. Melody will be working this summer, but I imagine she won't let that stop her from seeing Tweety every chance she gets.

I still haven't heard the final verdict on whether Tweety will still be a student at their college next school year. He is talking about transferring to an HBCU down south. I want his college education to go well, but I also don't want Melody to get another broken heart. He is now trying to convince her to go down there with him. Every independent-woman bone in my is screaming for her not to do it. Luckily, there's not much chance of that happening because she really has no desire to do that. He says he expects to go down there for one semester, not like it, and come back. I definitely don't understand teenagers. If he won't like it, why go at all with such a terrible expectation??

But, that's not for me to say. I didn't offer any advice, I just asked that she keep me informed on the goings on because it's certainly making an interesting story, lol.


Anonymous said...

Well maybe it will work out.
Not offering advice when not asked is always good policy!

CeCe Savage said...

Hello there Sage! I do believe I missed seeing your comments. :)

They're so young, most likely it won't work out. But one can hope.


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