Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sonny's Sunday: The Story of the Proposal

***Sonny is an old friend of mine. We went to elementary, middle, and high school together. He's also my friend who's doing the super-adult thing. He and his new fiancee just bought a house. They're working on planning a life together. Even with all that stability, their love life is still interesting.***

Quick Recap: I mentioned that I went with Sonny to help pick out Cher's engagement ring. It was such a gorgeous ring. I took a photo of it on my phone that I can finally put up. The diamond isn't huge, but it's gorgeous. It's dam near flawless and definitely sparkles better than every other diamond we saw in the store that day.

Okay, on to the story of the engagement. Sonny had a really good plan for the engagement. He left with some friends to go to a graduation and left Cher behind. It was literally the first time they had been apart for more than 24 hours in the last year. I took her out dancing to the Wild Hare with Bad so she wouldn't be too bored without him. It was an enjoyable time for all, I think.

But when she got back home, she picked a fight with Sonny (via text). I think it was a combination of not knowing where they were headed as a couple. You know, they just bought a house and now she's like, now what?

He talked her down from the ledge and came back from the graduation trip and tried to reassure her without giving up that he was about to propose. They packed and headed to airport to leave for the cruise. The plan was for him to propose the night before the cruise at dinner since they were heading down a day early.

He got so excited though that he couldn't wait until dinner. He ended up proposing that afternoon, and of course she said yes! The had a lovely celebration dinner and then headed off to the cruise ship the next morning.

He wanted to take her on the cruise to convince her that they should have their wedding ceremony on a cruise. I don't think that worked very well, but you never know. So we'll see how things go as they set a date and begin to make plans. I'm pretty excited and so happy for them!

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