Friday, September 2, 2011

Michelle's T.G.I.Fridays: Pacing In Place

***Michelle is a girl that grew up next door to me and we attended the same church. Now she's in her early 20s and living the single life. She goes on these dates that are either lovely or horrific. She's slightly terrified at the thought of committing to someone any time soon. And of course, she has the occasional man who really catches her eye and her heart.***

Quick Recap [My last post about Michelle was back in June. In that post, I described life changes she was currently making. They were pretty big changes so she had a lot to look forward to in the road ahead.] Read T.G.I.Fridays posts.

Since that time, things have been moving at a slower pace. The job offer Michelle thought she had has been on hold. She's still waiting to hear from the internship people about a full-time position. In the mean time, she's still applying for jobs and hoping something pans out. She had a job, but the management was so terrible, no wonder they have such high turnover of employees.

On the romance front, she's still talking to the old man. I guess we'll have to give him a name since he's still around. I'll call him Mister, out of respect for his age, ha ha. It's more so how much older than her he is than his actual age. But they're still hanging and they had a talk about the state of their relationship now that she's staying in Chicago.

It basically amounted to him saying he wasn't wasting her time. I'm still not sure what that means, but I guess we'll see as time passes...

Once she gets a job, she'll be figuring out a living situation so she can be fabulous in her 20s in the city.

She's working on the GRE prep, but I'm not sure if she's taking the test in October still anymore. We'll see.

There's so much to still be decided in Michelle's world right now. I have to admit I'm excited for her because they're just so much potential there.

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