Friday, July 30, 2010

Focus on Me Friday: Occupying My Time Is Working

I've been going out of my way to occupy my time so the fact that PT is so busy will not piss me off so constantly. It's been working. While I've been aware of how busy he is all the damn time, it's been less of an issue because I have things to do with my time other than hang out with my family.

What I need to focus on is the type of man I attract. I wish I could put a sign on my forehead that let men know if they were fresh out a of relationship, they shouldn't approach me. I wish I could put up a billboard to let men know that!

Top thinks that I am in transition, that's why I keep attracting men in transition. I don't know what transition I'm in that's been lasting since 2004, but if I could figure that out, maybe I could stop attracting these awful men. They're not awful, their situation is.

With each man I meet, I end up wanting something different. I don't have a cookie cutter vision of what I want with plans to squeeze whatever man into that plan. It changes with each guy to fit how I see him and I together. But I'm so sick of these men with limitations. I might as well not even bother to figure out what I want because they come in with these newly-single dude-limitations. Doesn't always mean the same thing with each guy, but it means inevitable, they're gonna piss me off with their unsettled issues with their exes. It's a trend I'd love to stop repeating.

Screening Questions for New Men
1.  How long ago was your last relationship? (anything under 18 months is too soon)
2. How religious are you? (any synonyms of "very" won't work)
3. Are you dating anyone else right now? (answers like, "are dating and sleeping with the same thing?" will confound me)
4.  How is your relationship with your mother/sister? (anything short of "great" won't work. I don't do momma issues)

My plan for PT right now is to see if things improve with him, but also to keep my eyes open for someone better. Maybe after a quick screening, I can avoid some recent mistakes.

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