Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Camille's Wishful Wednesday: Mystery Man Is Still A Mystery

***Camille is a friend of mine I know from church. She is classified on another blog I read as a "hopeless romantic", and I think that describes her pretty well. I also think she's incredibly well-balanced and able to work on multiple parts of herself at once. She is a law student, a Sunday school teacher, and an all-around good person. She has some pretty concrete ideas about men and the type of man she'd like to end up with. But she's doing the in-my-20s-dating-follies thing as well.***

Last week, I was more than ready for Camille's friend to finally set her up with this mystery man.

That's not what happened this week. I don't even know if the friend told the guy about Camille.

I asked her about the situation and she said she was over it.

And now I think Camille is secretly a commitment-phobe. She is usually over situations before they've come to an official end.

The friend who brought the idea of the mystery man into Camille's world is a friend she knows from school.

Camille starts back at school the week after next, so this friend could come back with info about actually meeting the mystery man.

Maybe Camille is just temporarily over it; I can't be sure until more time has passed.

I wish I knew a great guy to introduce her to. But all my guy friends are in very serious relationships.

So this may be the last you hear of the mystery man; I guess we'll have to see.

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