Monday, January 10, 2011

Gloria's Romantic Monday: Frustrating Behavior From All The Men

***Gloria is a friend of mine I know from church. She is a single mother. She has a boyfriend, Gregory, who we all love and her son's father, Rufus, who we all hate. She is fun-loving and hilarious. Gloria is the type of friend who'd be there for you at a party, when things get tough, or even if you need help applying for school.***

Last week, I was talking about how the main drama in Gloria and Gregory's life is outside of just the two of them.

This week, I've got two shining examples of this.

The first comes from Gloria's son's father, Rufus.

I've already said that I feel like he sucks as a person, but one thing I couldn't take away from him was that he was a reasonably good father.

It turns out, that is not something he is consistently. Gloria has recently let him know that if he doesn't start doing more for his son, he will not be able to spend so much time with him.

He used to help out with his son, but recently it has become more infrequent.

And half the time he picks up his son to spend time with him, the boy ends up at his grandparents' house, not with his father.

Gloria is just tired of fighting with Rufus to keep up his end of the responsibilities it takes to raise a child.

I don't know what the next step is here for Gloria and Rufus, but I do know that he hasn't seen his son in at least a few weeks now.

The other drama involves Gregory's son. Gregory spends a ton of time around Gloria's son.

I think this is good for him because if his mother is going to marry this man, he should have a relationship with him too.

Gloria's logic is that she should have the same building relationship with Gregory's son.

She invites him to bring his son with him when he comes over quite often. At least she used to.

They had a talk about it recently. She was asking Gregory why he was so against his son spending time with her and her son.

She questioned why he didn't think it was important for them to have a relationship.

He gave a typical non-answer. You know, the kind you'd expect from a man who doesn't want to have that particular conversation.

The jury is still out on what the whole story is for that situation, but Gloria has decided to take a break from talking about it since it's really starting to bother her.

So aside from the drama of her son's father and his son, they're fine. It's just difficult to constantly deal with that type of drama.

But I'm pretty sure they will bounce back from this current drama. That's why God made communication.

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