Monday, August 15, 2011

Gloria's Romantic Monday: Back Off The Right Track

***Gloria is a friend of mine I know from church. She is a single mother. She has a boyfriend, Gregory, who we all love and her son's father, Rufus, who we all hate. She is fun-loving and hilarious. Gloria is the type of friend who'd be there for you at a party, when things get tough, or even if you need help applying for school.***

Quick Recap [In my last post, I spoke of how Gloria and Gregory had gotten back on track after a rough patch. I was very happy because I'm in full support of them as a couple] Read Romantic Monday posts.

Since that time, things have gotten rocky again. It makes me very sad to say this. Gloria has decided she needs to have the "priorities" talk with Gregory. It's never an easy to have that conversation.

I've had it with an ex or two myself and that crap hardly ever ends well. Usually, the guy responds with apathy instead of the empathy and profuse apologies he <i>should</i> be responding with.

I don't know what's going to happen. Without going into too many details, I can say that Gregory is digging himself into quite a hole. I hope he's the exception and will turn around his priorities. No one should have to be in a relationship in which they're not a priority.

It's all good to work long hours and do what you have to keep your life on track, but there needs to be a balance.

Cross your fingers for this couple. I like having my friends in grown-up relationships.

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