Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lion's Life Saturday: Being A Single Man

***Lion is my best friend from college. He's a very focused young man working on getting his MD. This focus makes having a love life a very difficult undertaking. But he's making it happen somehow.***

Quick Recap [My last post about Lion was in the middle of July. At that time, I announced that he had broken up with Rudy and their relationship was over. I didn't harbor any expectations that he would change his mind.] Read Lion's Life Wednesday posts.

I was right, he's still single. Very much single. On one of his away rotations, he was really enjoying himself. It's the expected behavior of a recently liberated man. Especially one who's been in a long-distance relationship for years.

I must admit I'm appreciative of Lion for getting the ball rolling on related-to-my-wedding-possibly-hookups. my fiance Easy and I have been hoping some people would get together because of our wedding since we met at a wedding.

Lion came up for my engagement party in the middle of August and he met a friend of mine from work. They've been chatting and she's coming with Easy and I down to St. Louis in mid September for a gig Easy has. That should be a fun trip.

On another note, Lion is trying to figure out where he's going to apply for residency programs. He's pretty sure he's going with Internal Medicine, but he hasn't chosen his programs yet. He knows he wants to be somewhere warmer than St. Louis and he knows he wants to be near friends and/or family. I'm excited to see what he ends up choosing.

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