Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tip Top Tuesday: Another Birthday, Another Reflection

***My girl Top is unique and one-of-a-kind. This makes the story of her love life especially interesting. Just when you think you've got her figured, she makes an unexpected move. She's my career-minded friend who's always focused on self-improvement. She's also super-independent yet a closet nurturer. Read and learn how to be fabulous.***

Quick Recap [In my last post, I talked about a date Top had gone on that actually went well. She doesn't leave a lot of first dates having mostly positive things to say, so I took that as a good sign of potential.] Read Tip Top Tuesday posts.

Since that time, I haven't heard anything else about this guy. That doesn't mean there's nothing to tell, it just hasn't come up yet. Top and I spent the better part of July tracking down her birthday present. I bought it from Macy's online and somehow in the shipping it ended up at the Bronx post office. Weird, right?

Well, it doesn't much matter because she finally got her gift. She's my maid of honor, so a lot of our convos have been about the wedding as well.

I will get back to the point of this post though. Her birthday was at the beginning of July. Around her birthday, Top usually reflects on the past year and what life has been like for her.

Something that stood out in her reflection came after her birthday. She realized that the drama with her ex-boyfriend that played out right around her birthday in 2009 didn't even cross her mind. It hung over her head for her birthday in 2010, but it didn't even register in 2011. This is great news.

I feel like Top is not one of those people who will walk around forever affected by the demise of a relationship, but when big things happen in life, it changes you. Having a subtle shift is way better than toting around your own personal rain cloud.

Every important moment like realizing your ex barely crosses your mind only improves who you are as a person. I have always described Top as fiercely independent, and so I look to moments like this as evidence of it. She should teach a class called "Milestones in Emerging From a Long-Term Relationship." Or maybe something more clever than that...

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