Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some Changes To The Medley

I know, I've been MIA for a very long time. I just didn't feel like blogging, but now I do again.

So what will I be changing about this blog? Not much.

But I notice that sometimes I go for days without blogging because nothing interesting or new has happened in my friend's love lives.

So to fix the problem of not having anything new to blog about for days at a time, I've come up with a new plan for blogging.

Each friend will still have their day. For now, Camille and Lion will share Wednesday. I think I may alternate weeks for them. I haven't sorted that out yet.

But I would like to post something each day of the week. So for now, when there is nothing new to report about a friend's life, I will talk about related subjects.

I read a lot of blogs and online magazines. Obviously the topic of relationships interest me, and so when I come across articles/posts that relate to a friend's current relationship (or lack thereof) status.

I've seen things online that make me think, "this would be great advice for Michelle" or "this would be a great idea to help plan Sonny's wedding" or even "this article makes me thankful Bad and Jordan aren't crazy people".

So I'll try that for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

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