Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Camille's Wishful Wednesday: Getting Rid of Useless Baggage To Make Room For Worthwhile Possessions

***Camille is a friend of mine I know from church. She is classified on another blog I read as a "hopeless romantic", and I think that describes her pretty well. I also think she's incredibly well-balanced and able to work on multiple parts of herself at once. She is a law student, a Sunday school teacher, and an all-around good person. She has some pretty concrete ideas about men and the type of man she'd like to end up with. But she's doing the in-my-20s-dating-follies thing as well.***

So in the past week, Camille has managed to not meet any super questionable men she had to get rid of.

She did, however, get contacted by worthless men from her past.

I don't know that these men are all-around worthless. They are just worthless when it comes to Camille.

One doesn't even have a name on this blog because he's relatively ancient history.

But I will give a brief history in Camille's own words.

She told me he called but that she didn't call back and was worried she was being rude.

I told her she shouldn't feel bad because this particular guy wasn't good enough for her.

She said,
"Just bc he had a hidden child for 10 years, smokes weed EVERYDAY, plays video games EVERYDAY, never took me out, ad has gucci mane as his idol means he's not good enough?"

She was being funny by asking the question because she agrees with me.

Camille says she'll return his call after her finals are over. I hope he was just calling to wish her a belated birthday.

Of course he didn't leave a voicemail cause that would take too much effort. Moving on.

She has decided to give up on King. I suppose that's for the best.

Camille thinks he doesn't like her the way he used to. That's a very good reason to move on.

And then she received a belated birthday call from Malik. They had a three minute conversation in which she acted as uninterested as possible.

From the content of the convo, it seems as if he was feeling her out for the possibility of picking things up where he'd last carelessly left them.

I'm glad she made it pretty clear that wasn't an option.

We decided she would no longer put up with any kind of just-not-that-into-you behavior. I think it's a good rule to follow for myself as well.

Once a guy starts acting up, he's out. That's a luxury those of us without lifelong bonds like marriage and children can do.

And she's gonna try and stay away from guys that are of different religions. It's not something to even be concerned about.

But in Camille's case, these guys come from these religions that have such strict views that dating someone of a different religion is more a hindrance than anything else.

There is a guy that has been brought up that could be interesting.

All I'll say for now is that he comes from an easygoing religion. He's also reported to be a gentleman, from a nice family, and a genuinely good person. And he's an athlete.

I'll leave it at that until there's something more concrete to go on. Such as actually meeting him. He's a friend of a friend.

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