Friday, December 17, 2010

Michelle's T.G.I.Fridays: It Seems These Men Will Never Go Away

***Michelle is a girl that grew up next door to me and we attended the same church. Now she's in her early 20s and living the single life. She goes on these dates that are either lovely or horrific. She's slightly terrified at the thought of committing to someone any time soon. And of course, she has the occasional man who really catches her eye and her heart.***

Last week, I was happy to discuss Darren's demise, even though I had been rooting for him before that happened.

That's usually how things go. Things are great with a new guy, until it falls apart. Then inevitable questions arise.

Whose fault was it? Is this worth fighting for? Do I want to keep this person in my life in some capacity?

I don't know if Michelle is asking herself these questions about these men or not.

It's not like she's had very much time for self-reflection. They won't stay gone long enough for that.

Darren has reached out to her via text message. What did the text say? "Hey buddy."

What.The.Fuck?! Why is it when men make a choice, and that choice isn't you, do they feel the need to keep some interaction?

It's like a deleted scene from Bill Bellamy's "How To Be A Player".

I guess he figured they could keep doing their will-we-be-friends-or-not dance until he sees how things work out with that other chick.

All I can say is that I'm super happy Michelle didn't respond to his text message at all.

Moving on the waste of time that is Michael. He has also reached out to Michelle.

If this guy wants her in his life, why can't he be more proactive about it. Blackberry Messenger IMs talking about how you feel can be useful.

But not when the bulk of your conversation is about how the other person doesn't talk to you as much as they used to. Stop complaining, be proactive!

If you want to see the girl, ask her out dumb ass? But what if she says no? Your punk ass should be able to take the risk if you like her like you think you do.

Would it be better to just sit in the wings and occasionally IM and make yourself seem less and less desirable because you can't take a firm position or consistent behavior?

Michelle has decided that she and Michael are going to be "just friends". She said she's sick of making plans with him only to be stood up or cancelled on at the last moment. I think that's wise.

And moving on to Terrence. He gets back to town today. I can't tell if Michelle is super excited or just regular excited.

I think that she's regular excited for now because she doesn't actually expect to see him today. I believe his plans are to spend this first day back with just him family.

But they've been texting back and forth and he's laying it on pretty thick. So I figure she's well on her way to super excited.

Which is perfectly acceptable. After all, they have quite a history. He's the first boy she ever loved.

And I love that moment, before any concrete interactions have ruined it, when everything is shiny and new and full of potential.

They aren't shiny and new because they have so much history, but because it's been so long since they've seen each other.

They've been in contact while he was away and now they get to see where all this talking and reconnecting will lead.

I'll be glad to report next week how it's going between Michelle and Terrence. And I'm hoping I'll have nothing to add about either Michael or Darren.

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