Thursday, May 26, 2011

Big Bad Thursday: Moving and Double Dating And Growing Up

***Big Bad Thursday is all about Bad. He's one of my best friends and was a charming, if commitment-phobic bachelor. He finally realized a woman was worth giving up complete and total bachelor-hood. So now Bad and Jordan are in love and working towards building a life together. They live in a wonderful apartment in Chicago and they are quite a fabulous couple.***

Quick Recap [The last post I wrote about Bad was back at the beginning of April. I think I've explained enough about the PC issues, so hopefully this is the last time you'll have to read it. I was talking about them looking for a new apartment and starting to muse on the next step for them in terms of living life] Read Big Bad Thursday posts.

Since that time, they still haven't moved. Bad extended his lease for one month to give them more time to apartment hunt. They did find a new apartment and they move in this weekend. I have this whole weekend off so I offered to help them move if they need it. Their new lease starts tomorrow! I can't wait to see their new place. I know it will be great. They both have such good taste.

By the end of this summer, both Bad and Jordan will be halfway done with their Master's programs I believe. It's a nice time to start to figure out what comes next. I wonder if they are planning a trip to San Diego to assess how it fits the two of them together.

Bad also had a job interview recently with a new company. The company isn't actually new, but it would be new to him. It would use the experience he's gained at his non-profit and be a big boost up the career ladder. And the best part is it's a national organization, so he wouldn't be tethered to Chicago if he gets this job. Here's hoping!

Also, on a more romantic note, my boyfriend Easy and I went on a double date with Bad and Jordan the last time Easy was in Chicago. We had so much fun. We went to the wine bar Bad, Jordan, and I all love (now Easy loves it too). It's called Vintage 338. If you live in Chicago and know your way around up north, you've got to go to this place.

After that, we went to The Wild Hare. They are closed now. When we went, it was the night before the last night. We danced and laughed and had a really good time. There was all type of hugging and kissing. The type that doesn't usually happen on a group outing, but since it was a double date, no one was ashamed of their PDA.

I tell you, I never thought I'd see the day when Bad and I were out at a club and there was all type of kissing, on the mouth!, happening out in public. But I guess that's what happens when you fall in love. Bad and Jordan were kissing and dancing and all that. Easy and I were doing the same near them on the dance floor. Seriously, had you told either Bad or myself sometime five years ago or so that we would spend our last night at Wild Hare that way, we wouldn't believe you. Never would we have believed it. But it happened. I have pictures as proof, but I didn't ask permission to post them, so sorry.

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