Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tip Top Tuesday: Updates and Dates

***My girl Top is unique and one-of-a-kind. This makes the story of her love life especially interesting. Just when you think you've got her figured, she makes an unexpected move. She's my career-minded friend who's always focused on self-improvement. She's also super-independent yet a closet nurturer. Read and learn how to be fabulous.***

Quick Recap [My last post about Top was back in the beginning of April. Computer issues prevented more posts til now. The last post was about Top's plans for when she stops her current job. She has fantastic plans to really travel the world and spend some time chilling and really enjoying life. I found it really exciting when I wrote the post and I still feel that way.] Read Tip Top Tuesday posts.

Since that time, a couple of things have gone on. I'll cover them briefly, then get on the one update that is actually about Top's love life since that is the point of this blog.

She is still at her job. Part of me hoped she'd be off travelling by now, but that wasn't my realistic part. Fall would probably be better for travel anyway since she doesn't like really hot weather.

Also, she is taking care of the last details of her master's thesis. She has gone through a lot with this. When she went to NYC, she scrapped her first idea and started over. She wasn't especially motivated to pump it out and be done with it, so it's been there, in the background, inching towards completion til now.

And she had a date. The date is by far the least interesting news, but like I said this is a love life blog.

Top met a man (I don't remember where), and he found himself smitten with her and asked her for her number. She gave it to him and when he asked her out on a date, she eventually agreed. Top has never been a fan of dating. The thrill of going out with someone you don't know well just to get to know them while enjoying dinner and/or a show is lost on her.

She'd rather get to know someone organically and see what develops from a friendship/mutual attraction. This guy wore her down (imagine Steve Urkel saying, "I'm wearing you dooown baby, I'm wearing you doooown.") and she went on the date after first cancelling and him trying to reschedule for a while.

She was nonplussed about the date. He kissed her and she didn't enjoy it. He asked her back to his place and she wasn't interested. He was trying to chat her up and she was bored. He found her attractive and she wasn't reciprocating. Sometimes there's just not a spark.

Even though the date was nothing to write home about, I'm glad she went on the date. Feeling a certain way about something or someone can change if you give it a chance. She's taking chances and trying things that she might originally say no to. That's always a good thing, at least for a woman like Top, because she's so careful that even the chances she takes are calculated and thought out pragmatically.

Here's hoping the next date (with some new guy) will fare better.

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