Monday, August 9, 2010

Melody's Monday: Tweety Is Staying In Town

***Melody is my little sister for all intents and purposes. She just finished her freshman year of college and her love life is filled with all the wonderful things that brings. She has new found freedom mixed with ideals of romance informed by parents and romantic comedies. She is currently involved in what will probably go down in her history as her first adult relationship.***

Quick Recap [Last time I wrote about Melody, her boyfriend Tweety was contemplating transferring to a college down south so he could play in their band. He wanted Melody to go with him down there. This was in spite of the fact that her major was at the college they were currently attending, her family was close to the school, and she was more interested in him than the school. I was hoping he wouldn't go so it wouldn't be an issue for her to have to decide whether or not to follow him.]

Tweety isn't leaving! Thank God. I wasn't going to tell her not to go with him, but I was sooooo against it. The problem was solved for me. He missed his audition for the band and wasn't able to schedule another one. He still loves that school and may try to apply again next school year. That would make me feel better because if they're still together this time next year, they'll have another year of relationship built up to make a major move like that more feasible.

Melody and Tweety are getting ready for this next school year to start. Now that's she's settled into the being-a-college-student-thing, it should be a great year. She has class, work, a boyfriend, and friends. Sounds like the ideal college situation to me. At least it's ideal for Melody. She loves having a relationship and friends. She needs to have a job to help support herself while she's in school. And she loves her major. Things are looking fantastic for her in the near future.

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