Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some Changes To This Blog

There aren't a lot of major changes happening, just some small ones. This blog to me is sort of like a soap opera. And like a soap opera, characters come and go. I won't be writing about my life on this blog for now, that can be found on my main blog. This changed last Friday with the first edition of Michelle's T.G.I.Friday.

Also, Lion's Life Wednesday is going defunct for a while. It's hard to write about a friend's love life when there are no new developments in their love life in a while. He'll be back when someone else's life slows down at the time when his speeds up. So, hopefully tomorrow, I can get up my first post about Camille. She's another friend of mine from church, like Top and Michelle. She is unique from my other friends how? I'm glad you ask. She's an over-analyzer. She's single and doesn't want to be. She's seeking a man and has interesting men in her life. There are two I will be talking about. What's interesting is that this friend has also been mentioned in another blog by another one of her friends. It's a brand new blog and I'm loving it already. Check it out.

So, the current line-up is:
Sonny's Sunday
Melody's Monday
Tip Top Tuesday
Camille's Wishful Wednesday
Big Bad Thursday
Michelle's T.G.I.Fridays
Noni's Stargazing Saturday

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