Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Camille's Wishful Wednesday:How To Spice Up Your Time In The Library

***Camille is a friend of mine I know from church. She is classified on another blog I read as a "hopeless romantic", and I think that describes her pretty well. I also think she's incredibly well-balanced and able to work on multiple parts of herself at once. She is a law student, a Sunday school teacher, and an all-around good person. She has some pretty concrete ideas about men and the type of man she'd like to end up with. But she's doing the in-my-20s-dating-follies thing as well.***

Camille has a crush on this guy at her law school. He's so dreamy. That's what she keeps saying about him.

And this is a true crush. Most of what she knows about him is info gathered from other people. She does extra little things to catch his attention. The bulk of their convos take place on the law school's library elevator.

I love crushes. They're a fun way to add some spice to an otherwise boring situation. Camille spends a lot of time in her law school's library, so having a crush there who also spends a ton of time makes for some interesting IMs throughout the day.

Here's one: "I was just in the library and that guy was in there :). I held the elevator for him twice and he commented on how fast I move. Lol. Then we has a mini convo as we walked to our lockers. He soooooooo dreamy, ;) lol."

I don't think this crush will be going anywhere, but it's still so cute. And the best part about those IMs? They weren't about Malik. Camille still hasn't heard from him. Good riddance, I say.

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