Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lion's Life Wednesday: A Close Call On Relationship Troubles

***Lion is my best friend from college. He's a very focused young man working on getting his MD. This focus makes having a love life with Rudy a very difficult undertaking. But he's making it happen somehow. Between love, patience, and a lot of text messaging, they make it work.***

Quick Recap [My last post about Lion was waaay back in November. Like the intro says, Lion is busy with school. So there aren't always any new updates to talk about in his relationship with Rudy. But the last post was just a story about a predicament Rudy got into. Her support system was pretty large because of her relationship with Lion. I felt it underscored a good part of their relationship. Everyone in their lives is in support of them being together and willing to go the extra mile to make things go smoothly.] Read Lion's Life Wednesday posts

That extra mile people will go is the subject of today's post. I can't go into too many details because Lion has requested that I don't.

But Lion, myself, and another friend of ours from college were all on the phone one night. The three of us were discussing relationships, specifically our own.

This other friend I'll call Rev. Rev and I spent some time catching up on each other's relationships. Both he and I met someone over the summer and we hadn't gotten a chance to just sit and chat about it.

Lion wasn't really in on that part of the conversation. He just passed his one year anniversary with Rudy. Plus, they've really been involved on and off since 2007, so he wasn't really feeling that less-than-a-year, still-in-the-honeymoon-phase conversation Rev and I were sharing.

But moving on from my own happiness, we spent the majority of the phone conversation discussing Lion's relationship with Rudy. Any couple that is involved for a long time invariably discovers things about each other that aren't as compatible as they would like.

The major issue for Lion and Rudy is, as I've mentioned before, she wants kids and he does not. Lion is starting to feel more strongly that this is a deal breaker. He mentioned that if he knows they have to break up at some point, why should they stay together now and continue to let feelings grow deeper?

It's a good question. One that Rev and I couldn't answer for him. But we talked to him about that and other issues he felt they had. After trying unsuccessfully to get him to come up with a plan for discussing it with Rudy, we tried another tactic.

We helped him plan how he would end things with her. It was a tricky situation because like I said, they were right around the corner from their one year anniversary.

But a plan is what we came up with. Then we basically had to wait to see what would happen.

I'll update on what happened next week.

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