Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Camille's Wishful Wednesday: Malik Didn't Merit A Party Invite

***Camille is a friend of mine I know from church. She is classified on another blog I read as a "hopeless romantic", and I think that describes her pretty well. I also think she's incredibly well-balanced and able to work on multiple parts of herself at once. She is a law student, a Sunday school teacher, and an all-around good person. She has some pretty concrete ideas about men and the type of man she'd like to end up with. But she's doing the in-my-20s-dating-follies thing as well.***

So Camille didn't invite Malik to Bad's, Michelle's, and my birthday party. Weird, huh? I didn't ask why she didn't invite him. When I asked whether he was coming to our party, it was at the end of a conversation where she had been complaining that he was turning out like the guys before him.
I figure she either didn't want to give him the opportunity to disappoint her, or she didn't want to have him come to a party and because they haven't resolved his issues, his mere presence there would ruin her fun. Either way, she'll be at our party, having fun without Malik.
What has he been doing to upset Camille so? He's engaging in I'm -Just-Not-That-Into-You behavior. And when Camille called him on his bullshit, he told her how much he liked her and how he was just going through a rough time right now and how he felt sure that they would be okay. It all sounds very familiar. Familiarly bullshitty. I hope he's the one guy who actually means it when he says it though. I can tell Camille likes him, and it would suck for them to not work out. It's so hard to meet a guy in grad school!
How Malik Can Suck Less:
1. Make plans with Camille to go out on a date that is outside of his living quarters.
2. Pay for said date.
3. Reach out to contact her more than you currently do.
4. Stop making excuses, just do better.

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