Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Bad Thursday: Busy Days, Happy Days, and Birthdays

***Big Bad Thursday is all about Bad. He's one of my best friends and was a charming, if commitment-phobic bachelor. He finally realized a woman was worth giving up complete and total bachelor-hood. So now Bad and Jordan are in love and working towards building a life together. They live in a wonderful apartment in Chicago and they are quite a fabulous couple.***

Things with Bad and Jordan are going well as usual, with no new developments to report. They are just going through their days as working grad students, shacking up in happiness and bliss.

But I am really starting to miss Bad. I have not seen him in what feels like a very long time. And we don't talk as much as we used to. All of this is to be expected. But it still kind of sucks. But the good news is Bad is not the type of guy to let a relationship consume all of who he is. He has a pretty demanding job as well as having just started grad school. All of this keeps him pretty busy.

But our birthdays are coming up! We've celebrated our birthdays together every other year since we started hanging out as adults. I don't think it was on purpose, it just kind of worked out that way. This year our birthday plans have been shaping up kind of well I think. We, along with Michelle, another good friend of mine, are celebrating our birthdays together this year.

The plan we've settled on is having a party at a club all three of us love. We have sort of flaky friends. What can I say, they've got a lot going on and can't always keep commitments. But we need four people for sure who can commit to this party. Who might that fourth person be? Jordan! This sounds kind of sappy, but it just seems like they're even more meant to be when she fits into the puzzle so perfectly. We don't have to cajole one of our friends into making a commitment so far ahead of time, Jordan will be there for Bad.

So our party will be a success, even if it's just the four of us. I've hung out with just Bad and Jordan, and also with just Bad and Michelle. It was so much fun, and I know that with all four of us there, it will be even more fun. I'd love for all our friends to join us, but it's not imperative.

Bad is saying goodbye to his first 25 years just like I am in just under two weeks. He'll be doing it with a woman by his side that he loves with all his heart and looking towards a future he's already creating for himself. I'd say life is pretty good for him right now.

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