Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tip Top Tuesday: Man Eater? Depends on Who You Ask

***My girl Top is unique and one-of-a-kind. This makes the story of her love life especially interesting. Just when you think you've got her figured, she makes an unexpected move. She's my career-minded friend who is a closet nurturer. Read and learn how to be fabulous.***

Quick Recap[The last time I wrote about Top, she had decided to focus on herself again. Things with CG hadn't ended well. She was focusing on her career and her life in NYC. She was turning down any guy who seemed like he might be like the rest. By that, I mean that any guy who was placing these expectations on Top they had in mind before they even met her. You'd think the guy would at least edit their expectations to fit her, nah they just had a cookie cutter vision which only led to disappointment because Top is anything but cookie cutter.]
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So, in the month since I've written about Top, not much has developed in her love life in terms of a guy worth mentioning. But she has been making friends with a man at work who seems to be romantically interested in her. I don't know that anything will come of it, but I'm glad to hear that she's encouraging a friendship with someone she knows likes her.

There is another guy who isn't available to Top to like, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming emotionally involved with her. Unfortunately, he's all alone in this emotional situation. It's actually kind of funny. I can't imagine how these guys are getting themselves into these situations. At least he hasn't declared his love for Top yet. May I mention again that he's not available to even officially want her. But then again, there's always next week for him to further make a fool of himself.

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