Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lion's Life Saturday: My Love Fest Was Premature

***Lion is my best friend from college. He's a very focused young man working on getting his MD. This focus makes having a love life a very difficult undertaking. But he's making it happen somehow.***

Last week, I basically wrote an ode to Lion's girlfriend, Rudy. I think she is great, mostly because of how great she's being to me. But like the title says, the love fest was premature.

I got engaged on Sunday, and Lion is going to be my best man. I'm having a maid of honor and best man, and so is my fiance, and we don't think it's weird, so neither should you. Moving on from the run-on sentence...

I told Lion I was going to send Rudy her own separate invitation so he could still get a plus one and bring his father or his brother. He was immediately horrified. Literally, the pitch of his voice raised as well as the volume.

He requested that I don't send her a separate invitation because he wasn't sure how long they'd be together. I told him if they've been together all this time, what's 8 more months? "My wedding isn't 2 years away, it's in a number of months," I said.

He didn't care. But once he explained it, it made more sense. He is going to be sorting out residency programs that could be God-only-knows all around the country. Rudy hasn't moved back home to Boston yet, but she has quit her job and is working on transferring to a different grad school.

Lion feels that they may not make the transition. Every couple has issues, but he feels like theirs will become insurmountable in the face of all the big life changes they've got coming up.

Now that I've got a chick crush on Rudy (she's just so sweet!), I'm officially emotionally invested in their relationship. So I didn't agree to not send her an individual invite. I did, however, give him til mid-December, when they're supposed to go out, to come to a decision about them as a couple.

If he still hasn't sorted it out, I'm inviting her because I love her. And then if he must end things, he'll just have to wait until after Valentine's Day to do it.

I'm fully aware that this is my first behavior that can be officially classified as bridezilla. I'm putting one day and one invitation ahead of my best friend's happiness. I'm aware. And I'm sorry (not really, at least not yet).


Anonymous said...

I really think you should reconsider your invitation. Lion seems like a really good friend and if he is going to be best man then don't you think he should be comfortable at the wedding?

CeCe said...

You're very right. His comfort level at the wedding is important. But he won't be uncomfortable with her there unless they have actually broken up.


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