Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sonny's Sunday: Orange You Glad They're Getting Married Too?

***Sonny is an old friend of mine. We went to elementary, middle, and high school together. He's also my friend who's doing the super-adult thing. He and his new fiancee Cher just bought a house. They're working on planning a life together as well as a wedding next April. Even with all that stability, their love life is still interesting.*** Read Sonny's Sunday posts.

Last week, I talked about looking forward to Sonny and Cher's STDs. Haha, I mean save the dates. I promise I'll only have 22 more immature moments. I also spoke of our (my fiance Easy and I) plans to try and go on a double date with them to do come couple-bonding.

Well, the double date didn't happen. With Sonny's new job, he hasn't had much free time. Hopefully that will change in the next few weeks as things settle down. Also, Easy and I had such a busy day last Sunday, it would've been very difficult to break away to even use the tickets his mother gave us.

But, the Save-the-Date did come in the mail. And I love it! I didn't know orange was going to be their wedding color. I'm so super jealous! Orange is my favorite color. Actually I'm not even a little bit jealous. There's a part of me that didn't want that color in my wedding. I never even asked.

But now I can live vicariously through them and enjoy (and scrapbook) every wonderful bit of orange-y wedding-ness that comes my way from them. And of course, I have pictures to show you. Like most of the pics I take that end up on this particular blog, I was only able to take the pics on my BlackBerry, so I apologize for the poor quality. But here they are!

I told you the quality was terrible. Those random boxes are me covering up personal info you probably can't read because the pixel count is so low. I'm sorry! But you can see how cute they are.

The font is amazing, the envelopes were a great color. And I loved loved loved the ribbon they have tied at the top of the card. Super sweet right? Right.

Okay, I'm done gushing for now. Hopefully next week, I'll have made my reservations with the booking agent for the cruise. I'm so excited to be going on this cruise (especially with Easy cause he'll be my new hubby then!)!

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