Sunday, May 2, 2010

All My Eggs In One Basket, No More!

Since I've decided not to put all my eggs in the PT basket, I need to figure out what else I should be doing. I figure I can multi-task at the job fair tomorrow and see if I can meet and interesting guy while meeting an interesting job offer.

I think it could be fun to do something like speed dating too. But I'm honestly not in a position to meet guys. I get hit on a lot when I'm out, but I mean actually meeting someone worthwhile in a situation where we can appraise each other for real potential. I met PT at a party neither of us was supposed to be at. I met the Ex when I was 11 and we kept popping up in each other's lives til we started dating. Light was in my group of friends and pursued me until I agreed to date him. Adam was a friend-turned-lover. I just don't know how to meet men that aren't accidentally placed there by fate or timing or whatever.

So, I need some suggestions on what I can do. I'm not completely comfortable with internet dating sites. I tried that for like three weeks, but I found myself leaning towards the same prejudice I have when I meet a guy at a dance club. I need a better situation in which to start and acquaintance-ship (I make up words, forgive me).

I really want someone to share my life with. And I don't mean plotting on the next 60 years with someone before I even have a person in mind. I just mean I want someone who's there to try a new restaurant with me or go see a movie or sit on the beach and talk about books we've read. The moments in my life that I have, I'd like to have those moments with someone, you know?

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