Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sonny's Sunday: An Introduction

I've decided to round out my seven day a week posts with a 7th person. How will I ever keep this straight you ask?? Well instead of being haphazard about it, each person gets a day. That's why I changed the blog's name. Now only 1/7th of the blog is my love life. It's more a medley because it's the love lives of my close friends too.

Quick back story: I met this friend who I'll call Sonny on this blog back in 1994. We got along pretty good and so I was pleased when he ended up at the next two schools I attended. We haven't always kept in constant touch over the years, but when we did catch up, it was like no time had passed and we were still as close. His advice was probably the one that meant the most to me when I was dealing with breaking up with the Ex. And let me just say, his current woman, who I'll of course call Cher. I know what you're thinking: CeCe is being incredibly creative with these two names. But if you met them, you'd get it. They're not exactly about to go on tour with music, but they do look so cute together, you wouldn't be surprised if they burst into song singing, "I got you babe."

Either way, what makes Sonny and Cher interesting blog material is they provide something none of my friends have so far. They just bought a house. I spent about 5 hours there tonight catching up with them. They are so funny and so sweet. They're settling into co-habitation and all that brings.

For instance, since moving in, they haven't spent much time apart from each other. Most healthy couples need some time apart to miss each other and continue that drive to want to be around each other. Sonny mentioned that they don't have a lot of apart time, but like the loyal boyfriend he is, didn't even mention that it might be an issue.

So, I'm looking forward to seeing their adventures in the coming weeks/months. And to thinly veil what I'm dying to talk about: I'm going shopping with Sonny next week for something he wants to take on the cruise he and Cher are going on at the end of the month. Any guesses for what he's going to buy?

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