Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tip Top Tuesday: Top Is Single And Loving It

If anyone can pull off being completely single and make it look fabulous, it's Top. She's a very pretty woman who carries herself in such a way that attracts a lot of attention from men. I wonder if that's why she's been so good at weeding through the masses to find a good guy somewhere in there. And she's never afraid to let a guy go once he's not good anymore.

So Top is still officially happy being single. I'm also pretty sure that if she met a guy who tried to sweep her off her feet, he would be in for quite a surprise. Most men seem to think that single woman who say they prefer to be that way for whatever reason or whatever time period are really just saying that in an effort to entice a man pull a Hitch and "try harder stupid."

After the whole deal with Jack, I'm betting she moves extra slow with whoever comes next. Top is a unique woman in that she's not a fan of dating. I love the idea of going out to dinner with someone to get to know them or hanging out at a bar or whatever. Top likes these things too, but not in the casual dating type of way. She prefers things to be more organic and dating to her seems too forced to feel natural. I can kind of understand that, and I hope I am actually correct on what she told me as the reasons why dating isn't her thing.

About that guy from college she's been talking to, she seems to be liking him a bit, but he's still breaking cardinal rule number one by being in a different state. I wonder what would happen if she met a guy who had good potential who lived in NYC... Hopefully he'd have the patience to wait until she was over her non-dating thing. Or hopefully he'd be okay with a more casual thing. Top hasn't sworn off men etc., she's just done away with dating. So I guess there's wiggle room there for other types of interactions.

Stay tuned next week to hear if guy from college has decided to turn stalker and move to NYC for her. NOTE: a boyfriend of a friend of Top's did that, so I shouldn't call such behavior stalker-ish. Oh actually, I should. Just cause that worked for that woman doesn't mean it would freak me out any less if some guy did that to Top.

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