Thursday, May 13, 2010

Re-organizing This Blog

I like writing about my love life and my friends love life. But I need to re-organize this blog so it doesn't feel so haphazard to me. The obvious solution is to make days.

So, I write about myself, Top, Bad, Lion, Noni, and Melody. If I split myself into a present day and a past day, that makes 7! I hadn't realized that. So each day of the week will be assigned to a person's story.

Retrospective Sunday- this will be my day to talk about past relationships and dating experiences.
Melody's Monday- this will be my day to talk about my little sister Melody and her lovely college dating follies.
Tip Top Tuesday- this will be my day to talk about independent Top's current "not-dating situation and (I hope) her eventual journey back to the land of dating.
Lion's Life Wednesday- this will be my day to talk about future doctor Lion. Med school takes up so much of his time, but certainly between the past and the present, I can find enough stuff for a weekly post.
Big Bad Thursday- this will be my day to talk about Bad. He seemed destined to be an eternal bachelor, but now he finds himself in love with a wonderful girl, so this will be an exploration of his new destiny.
Focus on Me Friday- this will be my day to talk about what's currently going on in my love life.
Noni's Stargazing Saturday- this will be my day to talk about my hopeless romantic friend Noni. She's dealing with a tumultuous relationship and a pregnancy at the same time. Should be interesting stuff I think.

And of course I'll need a new title since this blog is about way more than just my love life. I'm thinking "My Life's Love Medley". What do you think?

UPDATE!!! I've just re-connected with my friend from elementary, midde, and high school. His love life will be waaaayyy more interesting that retrospective stories about me. So, Sunday will now be Sonny's Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Looks good and sounds good to me.

CeCe Savage said...

Thanks. I'm doing an awful lot of changes of late, but my blogs are still kinda new, so I'm thinking it won't be too much of a shock as I get them more settled towards the way I like them best.


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