Sunday, May 9, 2010

Women's Rules Of Insecurity

I like to think of myself as a self-aware person who pays attention to who I am as a person. But in writing this blog, I've shined a bigger spotlight on myself and I've noticed some things that seem to be out of the ordinary compared to most women. For instance, I spent the night with PT on Thursday. And I haven't spoken to him since then. I usually don't speak to him a lot on the weekends because he's so busy with his daughter and has finally learned his lesson about keeping his phone out.

Most women have a rule about how much time is supposed to pass between seeing a guy and hearing from him again. By my title, I think you can surmise how I feel about those rules... But even if I did believe those rules, it's so hard to apply them to PT>

He's broken his phone at least 5 times since I met him six months ago, and each time is usually accompanied by some story involving his daughter. The poist is that now, he tries not to keep it so close by because it seems drawn to liquids and sharp corners when she's around. (My theory is that he's the clumsy one, but it's convenient to blame the three year old, lol).

Back to the main point though. I haven't spoken to PT outside of texting since Thursday and I'm not bothered by it. If another three days pass and I dont actually converse with him, I may get upset, but for now I'm good. And aren't women supposed to be upset if a man doesn't call the next day after a date? Or isn't there some sort of three day rule? I don't know these things. I used to have friends who acted like typical women, but I got rid of them. I don't like emotional drama in high quantities. But shouldn't there be some sort of insecurity or something popping up?

Perhaps it's because we're not some official couple with demands and responsibilities. Or perhaps it's because the last time I saw him, he confirmed that he had indeed promised me the world. Or perhaps it's because I'm just so cool and calm that things don't faze me.

I think it's pretty clear it's not the third one, lol. Probably it's the first, but who can know for sure until one's over-analyzed it until it's almost lost all meaning?

Bad & Jordan Update: She came in this weekend so see their apartment. I don't know if she likes it or loves it or has picked a definite move in date. I don't know this because I haven't heard from him all weekend. Bad is not a neglectful friend, so I imagine they're christening every inch of the apartment and she's helping start the decoration process. I"m glad I haven't heard from him. That has to mean things are going very well. Should be a good story coming soon!


The Savage said...

Sometimes the "rules" don't apply. One rule I always abide by is first date is on me. It's in the guy handbook.
I think you should make your own rules as your relationship is non-standard.

CeCe Savage said...

I think you're right. Making my own rules doesn't often backfire on me. I've been lucky that way.

I like that you keep that one rule. I just happen to think the girl version of that is that for the time being when you're "dating" and not yet in a "relationship", she should match every bought meal with a cooked one (that she paid for the groceries for).

Please don't get me started on women who can't (or gasp, won't) cook...

Anonymous said...

I agree. And also whatever works for you is usually the best way to go.

CeCe Savage said...

Well, not always. If what works for you is something that is completely selfish, that may not be the best way to operate. Not that I have a tendency to be selfish. Well, I do, but it's usually a sign I'm over the person I'm being selfish toward.


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