Saturday, May 15, 2010

Noni's Stargazing Saturday: A Baby Shower!

Noni's baby shower is today. I'm really exctited for her and super pissed that I'm not going to be there. Noni is my girl from college and she's been living in Florida ever since her mother brought her to America from Jamaica.

I was all set to buy my plane ticket to go for the shower. But then the details got fuzzy about the shower planning. And then I turned my life upside down by leaving medical school, making the prospect of spending hundreds of dollars on a trip to Florida sound like a bad idea.

But I did speak with her to explain. And I'm excited to hear how it goes after hand. I'm a bit worried though because of the tenuous relationship her and her boyfriend currently have. Stressful events like baby showers where family members and friends all gather around to discuss your fast approaching future can bring out the worst in some people (like my brother, but that's a story for another day). So, hopefully tomorrow Noni won't be sitting there wishing evil things on whoever forces her to wear a paper plate covered with fancy wrapping paper bows.

Hopefully Noni, big and pregnant, will be glad to spend time eating Swedish meatballs and hot wings. Her baby lets her eat hot wings! Best fetus ever. Hopefully Eric (that's the boyfriend) will be happy and participate in the day like a good daddy.

I just really want things to work out for her so her baby boy that will be here next month will be born into a happy family unit. I hope that's not asking too much.


1manview said...

It's seems to be asking a lot today. Finding a stand up dad is getting to be a rarity nowadays... But as long as the word hope is around...

CeCe Savage said...

I hear you. At least Noni has proof Eric can be a good dad. He already has one little boy he's very involved in raising. The boy spends half his time with Noni and Eric and the rest with his mother. I feel pretty good about his dependability for that, if not for sticking around romantically.


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