Friday, May 14, 2010

Focus on Me Friday: Light Has Resurfaced

If ever one wonders why I feel like my life could be a movie (or better yet a sitcom), it's because stuff keeps happening that seems like it could be written for storyline purposes.

A group of my friends from college all went to Vegas last weekend just to hang out and catch up. I didn't go and didn't plan on going because I was supposed to be studying for Step 1 at this point in life when they were planning the trip. But while they were there, I texted one of them to have him inform the rest that I had withdrawn from medical school. Light, my boyfriend from junior and senior year of college was on that trip.

He texted me after he got back to inquire further about my decision. This has led to a series of e-mails where we've caught up on each other's lives. He was going out of his way to express that he knew he didn't have a right to opinionate all over me his feelings on my recent choice, but I responded as if his opinions were valid and that seemed to please him that he's a real person, not just an ex (or soemthing like that). By the way, Southern Sage, he's not a vegetarian anymore. But I digress.

What he is now is the person I've always wanted him to be. He's not lazy and complacent. He's still the same sweet guy, but he's ambitious now. He does volunteer work with an organization I've been dying to get involved with (I'll mention it in some future Working On My Hobbies Wednesday post on my main blog). He's trained as a masseuse and personal trainer. He has a real job that can become a career and wants to get a graduate degree.

Needless to say, I'm scratching my head and trying to remember why I decided he didn't have untapped potential. The unfortunate thing is that I feel like had we never broken up, he would still be doing the complacency thing. He was talking crazy back then about being a dad with "just a job" with the doctor for a wife. That shit just wasn't gonna work for me, I need a career man.

But, we haven't done the typical thing that exes do. Neither of us have tried, casually or not, to inquire if the other is seeing someone. I think we could be good friends, maybe. He's just such a wonderful person now. He's someone I could really admire for the contribution he's making to the world around him.

And also, I'm really looking forward to seeing SATC 2 now to see where Carrie goes next with Aidan. Since, Light is my Aidan after all. I don't know why it's usually a big thing when an ex pops up, but it is, at least to me.


Anonymous said...

well at least he is a human again and eating some meat! You never know what might happen in the future, to you, him or y'all together, you just never know.

CeCe Savage said...

You never know about the future this is true. But when I said I wanted to find a way to not have all my eggs in the PT basket, this is not at all what I meant.

I'm a Libra, so I have a tendency to feel more comfortable moving back instead of forward. So I feel the urge to try to be a more normal person and keep Light in the trying-to-be-friends-with-an-ex box.


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