Monday, May 17, 2010

Melody's Monday: They're Learning How Difficult It Is To Mix Friends

I know everyone didn't go to college, but everyone passed by age 19 at some point. If you were trying to date anyone exclusively, if not seriously, you probably had this notion that your lives could end up perfectly if everything you wanted magically fell into place.

A person who's 19 thinks half like a teenager and half like a young-20s person. Either way isn't particularly clear (at least me and my friends weren't amazing at sorting out intricacies of relationships at that age). Melody is in the midst of spending a lot of time with Tweety's friends because she wants to be around him and the friends come as a package deal. They aren't her kind of people though.

She's never been a girl to worry too much about clothing or appearance. Coming from such a large family, focusing on fashion had no place in their finances. But Melody is such a pretty girl who genetically and healthily ended up with an amazing body. She could wear a burlap sack and still look good. But now she spends so much time around girls who are obsessed with clothing. Tweety isn't actually much better. She told me he once talked for thirty minutes about how a pair of shoes could work with different outfits of his.

I like those types of conversations, so she had to explain to me how that was out of the ordinary for her and something to get used to. Once I got it, I was amused because it seemed like she was sticking with a guy (yet again) who had some obvious traits that didn't match with what she wanted.

But I gotta hand it to baby girl. She's got some maturity when it comes to relationships. At her age, I would bail for the smallest reasons. I just stopped that shit about two years ago. I still want to bail, I just fight the urge. But she's a ride out kind of girl. I guess I can appreciate that because she is still so young and can afford to give a guy a bit more time to wait and be sure if what she thinks she wants is actually what she wants.

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