Monday, May 10, 2010

How My Love Life Is Like Sex and the City, Part 3

So Bad is my Big, Light is my Aidan. I've explained those two. I still have to explain how PT is the Russian and the Ex is Berger. I think I'll go for PT. I need some more time to think about what to say about the Ex because every time I mention him, I feel I sound far to bitter to be claiming relationship-worthy healthiness.

Carrie met the Russian when she wasn't expecting to meet anyone. SIDE NOTE: In that episode, she was seeing a performance art show that still tours around the US and other countries and Top's roommate went through a harrowing ordeal when asked to travel to Canada to be a part of the show. I'll tell that story one day. SIDE NOTE ENDED. I met PT when I wasn't expecting to meet anyone. In fact, he approached me with quite the same swagger the Russian had. And if you replace Carrie's Charlotte with my Bad (as a friend, not as Big), it was a very similar scenario.

The Russian was an older man who showed Carrie romance and treated her nicer than she'd remembered being treated in a while. While PT and I have a much smaller age difference, our age difference is augmented by the fact that we're in such different places in life. But like Carrie, I don't mind because I'm too busy enjoying PT's company.

There are a few differences. First, unlike Carrie, I wouldn't cancel on my girlfriends to stay with my guy, I'd just end a night out with Bad early. Second, PT is so romantic that I'll faint in the street because of it, he's just a little over the top with the PDA and so far, I think I'm dealing rather well with it so far. Also, the Russian didn't want to have children, he was super old. But even though PT has been married and already has a little girl, he wants to be married again one day and continue to grow his family.

Oh the biggest similarity. The Russian did very important work (he was a famous artist) that consumed a very large portion of his life. Carrie got left out quite a bit and tried her very hardest to be understanding. PT is the same way, except it's education not art. Carrie and the Russian eventually broke up because of it. And seeing as how my life isn't like hers exactly and I don't have a Big coming to rescue me from unhappiness with the Russian, I'd like my story with my "Russian" to turn out better, you know?

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