Friday, April 23, 2010

Apparently I'm PT's "Baby"

Can I just first say that I'm writing my post today in the midst of baking a pie! I love pie and I haven't baked one since winter break. I have time to do things now like bake pies!!

A lot of people are familiar with the pet name Baby. People call their boyfriend/girlfiriend/husband/wife Baby, Babe, Bay, whatever they say, lots of folks use some derivative of it.

I like the moniker, even though I know some who loathe it. But I haven't been anyone's "Baby" since May of 2008. That's a very very long time for someone to be single. But gramted, I spent a lot of time in limbo with the Ex. And then there were the months spent with Gary, who I could never be with because he smokes. But, I've been all by lonesome officially for almost two years now. So, I am a bit out of use with the Babys and Honeys and Sweethearts.

PT called me last night while on his way home from a book signing. Can I just say that I love that he does things like that with his time? But we were talking and he was full of Babys and Cuties and Sweethearts. I felt like perhaps I should throw a few back, but I'm just so uncomfortable with saying those things. They don't feel right in my mouth. I usually reserve them for someone I'm actually with. And seeing as how I'm not actually with PT, it feels even weirder. But I love it when he calls me those names? Hypocritical? Maybe, I hope not though.

I've already bent over backwards to meet him halfway on the things he's asked for. For example, I'm not into PDA, but he is. So when we're out, PDA it is. And he's a cuddler, I'm not. But cuddle we do. He's a card-carrying hand holder, so I am too when I'm around him. I think that's huge (especially since he had probs with that with his ex). So, the pet names can stay at bay now. I do the cuddling and PDA cause he asked about it specifically, he hasn't mentioned pet names. If he ever does, I'm definitely going to direct it to a "so what are we?" conversation. Maybe. Lol.

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