Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad Gets Real About Moving In With Jordan & PT Is Too Busy To Be Spontaneous

I told the story of how Bad and I ended up hanging out last night on my other blog.While we were there, he started talking about moving in with Jordan. I'm still not sure exactly how much time it will be before she's officially through with her job in St. Louis. I don't remember if I've explained before. But she's basically doing research on decorating and construction trends from some time in history in Illinois. They have her driving all over Illinois to do this research. She's getting paid basically for the preliminary work for whatever this job will be doing. And once she's done with that, the next step is to move to Chicago and find a job.

Bad is still waiting to hear about the apartment. They haven't said definitely yes, but they've had him going through some extra hoops to take care of paperwork, etc. So he's thinking it's just a number of days at this point before he hears for sure that he's got it. Then it's time to move in. Then it's just a number of days until Jordan moves in too.

We were sitting there, enjoying a nice bottle of Orvieto and a nice platter of fruits & frommage. Then he said, "I'm really doing this? Am I really doing this?" I've heard him question decisions before. He didn't sound terrified like he did when considering whether to get back with Natasha. He just sounded mystified. My friend Bad is growing up. He's making a huge step forward and is having reasonable questions about it.

I was glad to see that they were reasonable questions, not doubts. He seems so sure about Jordan. They've discussed the logistics of how living together would work. I'm so glad to see they're planning on being a real couple that's not codependent but actually have separate lives. They're not really homebodies either, so they'll be out an about.

Part of me wonders how things are going to be once Jordan moves to Chicago. Things are bound to change, if only that Bad has less free time. I don't want to be a permanent third wheel, but Bad is my only really close friend who lives in the Chicago area. It will be an adjustment for Bad to be living with a woman he's not related to. It will be an adjustment for Jordan who will be moving so far away from her family, possibly permanently. But I think if anyone can do it, they can.

Now on to PT. I asked him when I was on my way to Chicago if he wanted to join Bad and I for a drink. He said he was working late, but not too late. But he figured he'd be tired and worn out since he spent his lunch at the hospital with a cousin who is having kidney trouble. I went with "understanding and amicable" and told him I understood, it was super last notice anyway, and I would pray for his cousin. But I thought about him on and off last night and wondered if he even had time in his life for spontaneity. It's not like he has his daughter on Tuesday nights. But there's always something with him. It just makes me wonder, but I'm mostly just filing away that worry for now. It's too soon to tell. I did feel better when he texted me today to tell me he was sorry he couldn't make it out and he hoped to see me the next time I came to the city. I guess it is what it is. But I can't help but feel a bit sad because this guy who I like so much and I are just at a standstill right now.

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