Monday, April 12, 2010

I Think Top and Jack May Be Truly Done

I told her she hadn't really tried for more than a month to work out her Cancer/Libra issues with Jack. Top ended up talking to him again to try and work out their differences. Here's the problem with their crash & burn (don't know if I ever really spelled it out).

Jack decided he loved Top. This was a couple of weeks ago, probably not even a full month. May I remind that they met around the same time I met PT, which was around Halloween. But he somehow got slow-moving Top to be his girlfriend and he decided he loved her. She didn't yet feel that way about him (still doesn't). So when he said it, she didn't say it back.

That made him insecure. He started doing things to test her, but they weren't exactly subtle. And she hates hates hates tests and games. He would know that had he bothered to slow down and get to know her before jumping in heart first with his whole hearted adoration and infatuation. But he has so sweet to her and kind and affectionate. And he was his own man. He knew what he wanted and he was sure about who he was. That was a far cry from her ex, whom we'll call Punk. Punk didn't seem to have any idea who he was or how he really felt about anything. That was the main catalyst for his awful behavior and their relationship ending.

But back to Jack. I loved him for Aledia. He was my current favorite since all my closest friends have people (Noni/Eric, Bad/Jordan, Lion/Rudy, Top.Jack). They were all in exlcusive committed serious relationships. Now Top is back with me in the single column. But Jack was so good for her. She seemed to be happy dealing with him. Usually she seems kinda annoyed by men, a guy has to work extra hard to earn a place in her life. And he screwed it all up.

After he noticed she wasn't saying I love you back, he decided maybe he could find out through her actions not her words. So he would request these odd things of her that screamed "I'm testing you" which only pissed her off. She called him on it and he got defensive because he was upset that she didn't love him.

She told him they needed to back up and get to know each other better as friends. He took that to mean she wanted to back off of him and rebelled. She felt reminded of his earlier inconsistency and decided he didn't really love her otherwise he wouldn't act that way. Two more questionable decisions and misunderstandings of motives later and EPIC Crash & Burn. I think it may be best to just chalk this up to another Cancer/Libra death. It gets hard for Cancers and Libras to discuss things rationally when sex and emotions are involved. So why even bother. But Top has met a new guy at work. And he's so different from her type. I don't think she's ever dated inter-racially before. Should be interesting...

Except for one thing: She's not trying to date right now. She just wants to be alone. Take some salsa and yoga classes, to a 5K walk. She is planning on focusing on her and avoiding dating. She's got a strong resolve. So that should be interesting. I think her lack of dating should make for some interesting Love Life Stories. We'll see...

Update on PT: Well, I've decided I'm gonna try and not give up on him. He's such a good guy. I'm going to try and talk to him about my issues instead of deflecting and avoiding like a typical Libra. Wish me luck.

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