Monday, April 26, 2010

Top Is Never Going To Get Married

So, I mentioned in a previous post about how Top has decided to take a break and be single for while. She's focusing on her and that's good after the two disastrous break-ups she's had in the last year.

But now she's decided marriage isn't for her. She had a dream last night and she was about to get married, but decided she didn't want to do it. She and her mother then hopped in a car and drove to New Mexico. That's like runaway bride on steroids, lol. She never even saw the groom's face, she just knew she didn't want to be married.

After a dream like that, she's decided she's "unmarriageable". That's her word, not mine, lol. She even asked her father for the money he'd been saving for a wedding she might have one day. She said she'd use it to take a nice trip or maybe put a down payment on something. He, of course, said no. He's a super traditional Capricorn who can't accept that his only daughter may never marry.

She likened her situation to Carrie's in Sex and the City. The episode where her shoes were stolen at a friend's house and the friend didn't want to replace them because she felt it was too much money to spend on non-marriage and non-family things. Carrie felt she was being punished for not being married. That's how Top feels right now.

I'm mostly just amused by this new development in her (lack-of)-love life. And I think it's too soon to tell. If she's in love with someone who decides to propose to her and she still doesn't want to get married, then I'll believe this is a life-long decision.


The Savage said...

Maybe she will and maybe she won't... Sometimes a dream is just that.... a dream.

CeCe Savage said...

She (and I) tend to take dreams pretty seriously. But I think in this case she's just using it to justify something she was already feeling.

I think this may change if she finds someone who's willing to go the distance to prove he's trustworthy. She's just lost her ability to trust and therefore lost her ability to think she could be with someone forever.

Anonymous said...

my dreams are seldom true! They feature 7 chicks, me, cool whip, jello and 40 weight oil!

CeCe Savage said...

LOL!!! Would you really want 7 chicks? That just sounds like too much work to be any fun. And, what is 40 weight oil?


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