Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lion & Rudy

I feel like I should tell the story of Lion & Rudy finally, especially since I keep referencing them in other blogs.

First, of course, I must tell how I know them. Well, I met Lion during orientation of college. He had the same major as me (or rather we switched our major to the same thing during orientation). Our scholarship advisor suggested we sign up for all the same classes, and we were like, sure whatever. We didn't really even like each other right off the bat, rather we just knew we were very different people. But we had a pretty good rapport and a friendship was born. I don't think either of us really considered us friends until halfway through college, but once we decided we were, we were like best friends. Lion and I have been through a lot together. He's in med school right now too. I'm so proud of him, he's good people.

Rudy, I met because I was trying to figure out who is this chick giving my boyfriend (who we'll call Light) a lap dance. Now I'm not talking about a stripper's lap dance, more of a we're-both-drunk-and-sitting-is-easier-than-standing-while-we're-dancing-at-this-party type thing. She and her sister had just transferred to our college. It was my junior year of college. I thought she was a nice enough girl, but I just couldn't really be a fan of hers seeing as how that's how we met. And by this point, I was so over defending my relationships against outsiders, so she really had no chance on the outset. Especially since after that, she ended up really good friends with Light. I tried to not be too jealous, but that didn't really get easy until Light and I broke up.

Rudy and Lion met because they joined a sorority and brother that are officially on the books brother and sister frat/sorority. They did a lot of community projects together and got to know each other. When she's not drinking, Rudy can be shy. And David is only outgoing sometimes, so they moved very slowly. They also have had very different experiences with physical relationships in their past, so they started off on a different page that way.

When Lion and I graduated from college, Rudy was still a student there. He decided it was best for them to stop being involved when he left because he's not cut out for a long-distance relationship. They weren't official or anything, but they still had that talk when he left. I thought he was being a punk and making a mistake because I liked her for him. I saw a different side of Rudy when she was involved with Lion. Aside from their lack of a physical relationship, they were good for each other.

Then, about 5-6 months ago, Lion decided he missed Rudy and wanted her. But he didn't just want what they had before, he wanted her to be his girlfriend. It took some convincing to get her on board (I was glad about that since she had the right to make him work to get her back), but then they were together. Since that time, she's been to St. Louis to meet his family. He's been to Boston to meet her family. They went to DC to have a couples hanging out weekend with Lion's other best friend and his girlfriend. They seem stronger than ever. And now they're together down in Florida celebrating her birthday weekend and going to some of the biggest parties thrown at our college that are happening this weekend.

I'm not saying I think she's the One. Well, actually I am saying that. She's as close to perfect for him that I think he's gonna get. She makes him happy. They're comfortable together and they just work. Considering Lion never had a serious girlfriend all through college, it's nice to see him with someone with whom he can really build a life. I'm just interested in what's going to happen when she finishes school. She'll be done before he is. I hope he asks her to move with him where ever he is. That would be awesome.

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