Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad Finally Found A Place For Him And Jordan, Sort Of

So, anyone who reads my blog knows about one of my best friends is Bad. I could practically make a TMI Thursday out of my explanation of how we became friends and why I'm glad he's with Jordan. But anyways...

They're looking forward to taking the next step in their relationship. They are discussing moving in together, as soon as her job duties are done in St. Louis and he finds a good place in Chicago. I can just see them now, picking out household decorations and choosing something that's not too masculine and not too feminine. I think she might be The One. That makes me so happy for him, but also a little fearful because I don't know if he is truly ready to settle down. But if he were able to make it work with anyone, it'd be Jordan. They're a perfect 6/6. You can read about 6/6 here.

So, he's found them a lovely place and he's waiting to hear back from the leasing company about the place. I'm not saying Bronzeville is super racist and they probably won't take him, I'm just saying their kinda prejudiced and might not take him. Let's all hope he gets the apartment and Jordan finishes her work in St. Louis. I really want them to start the next phase of their relationship. They've lived in different cities the entire time they've been serious, and I so want a different ending for them than Top and Punk had.

Update on Top & Jack: This is the last time I'll probably even mention Jack. One of the main things she was talking about today was how backed into a corner she felt with him compared to how free she feels now. I was like, well damn. I guess she's truly done with him.

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