Thursday, April 1, 2010

Making Plans For This Weekend

PT is such a busy man. This week is his Spring Break, and his boss had a lot of work for him to do. Consequently, I haven't spoken to him much since he told me he wouldn't be able to make time to come see me. So what is my reaction? Am I avoiding him out of an underlying anger? Nope, I seem to have something other than an expected woman's reaction to him. I'm making plans for this weekend.

The new Tyler Perry movie comes out. I'm not exactly a huge fan of his movies (I know I'm betraying my race or whatever by saying this but it's how I honestly feel so get over it), but I do like some of them. I did like the first movie (after I saw it on cable about 20 times). But what I really like is sequels. After a movie ends, I find myself wondering for literally years how the story continues for the characters. So I'm all about the sequel.

PT says he is against "gay movies." I apologize to anyone who is homosexual and doesn't like the characterization of that phrase. It basically means that sappy, make-women-cry movies and romantic comedies in general are not on his list of priorities. But the way I see it, he owes me for not bringing his butt to Rockford this week. I will definitely not phrase it that way. I'm pretty sure he's taking tomorrow off and I intend to suggest going to see that movie as a way to spend part of our day if he asks.

My mother suggested we go out to dinner so my parents can meet him. She said no pressure. My mother hardly ever means no pressure when she says it. I'm sure she means to mean it, it just never feels that way. So, at some point in the future, I have got to set up what amounts to a double date between my parents and me & PT. I don't actually mind the idea. I love hanging out with my parents. And they make such a great date. So, it'll be like any other time I do dinner and movie with them except I'll have a date too. I've never done that before. The closest I've come is hanging out with them and Bad, and once or twice with Lion. But he's just like a double of me.

Literally, Bad is me with a penis. Everyone who knows us both agrees with that characterization. So, he's around a lot cause we both like kicking it with our parents. They're such fun. So both of our parents have got some good practice at spending time with their children and someone of the opposite sex.

But it would be so different with PT because he and I are dating. And there's the age difference. I literally cannot think of anyone in his age range (he's 33) that my parents spend time with. I can think of some people who turned 30 last year or this year, so I guess that's kind of close... Did I mention I tend to overthink things? Thank God for my friends and this blog so I don't have to share my neuroses with PT, lol.

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