Sunday, April 4, 2010

Interesting Weekend

So, my time with PT wasn't particularly eventful. It can be read about on my main blog. I do however have an interesting story to tell that doesn't concern PT.

This weekend was a conference I go to. I didn't register for the conference this time as it was in Chicago. I did have a boatload of fun when the conference was in New York and also when it was in New Orleans. This man, we'll call him August, was part of that fun.

I know him from college. He's older than me but a few years behind me because he was in the Navy before starting college. He's on the medical track same as me, so he always goes to these conferences too. In New York, I ran into him when a conference event was cancelled. We hadn't seen each other since I graduated, so we decided to go on the date we never got around to having while in college together. I should digress here to say that while I find this guy interesting and attractive, that certain something isn't really there to make me want him. I don't know what it is, but he digs me. I wish I could say the same cause he's a great guy.

So we went out to a great restaurant in New York and had a good time. We didn't see each other again (a FAMU visit by me where I talked to him for like 10 minutes in the science building notwithstanding) until the next year in New Orleans. We had a lovely day where we hung out on Bourbon Street, had dinner at Morton's Steakhouse and went dancing with my friends who live in NOLA. It should have been the start of a beautiful relationship because he showed me very clearly that he was interested and could treat me very well. But the timing was weird (the Ex. He won't get a name, he's just the Ex.) and I tried to explain to him that I just didn't want that type of relationship with him.

Fast forward to this year. He's the one who got me the extra ticket to the banquet. I was going to take him to this Thai restaurant in town. I couldn't turn him down. The restaurant is BYOB and he had purchased us a bottle of Riesling, which is my absolute favorite!!! And after all, PT and I have never discussed exclusivity and I'm not going to go around assuming that we are more than we are.

I go to the banquet because he said we didn't have time to go to the Thai restaurant. I told him I couldn't be up late because I had church in the morning. He basically ignored me the entire banquet because he was organizing something for the Region or whatever. Then he was upset with me because I left the hotel after the banquet. The banquet didn't even end until after 10 pm!

So, we just keep doing this dance around this conference. Part of me likes hanging out with him, but I feel bad because I feel like I'm wasting his time. I don't think he's pining away from me and turning away other prospects, but I do think he's wasting a lot of time and money on me when we're not going to go anywhere. I wonder just how selfish I'm being. Did I mention that Lion thinks he's crazy and will eventually blow up because I'm "leading him on?"

And like every other thing I've done in the name of still being single, it only made me want PT more. Sigh.

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