Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Really Very Worried About The Similarities Between PT And The Ex

They have many things in common: They are both Virgos, they both give me the feeling that I can be completely honest with them, I have amazing physical chemistry with both men, neither of them seems to have a jealous bone in his body, and they both carry on ridiculously busy lives!

They have some wonderful things different as well. PT is not pursuing a rap career. PT is not subconsciously afraid of marriage. PT doesn't seem to want to fit me into a box of how he thinks I should be. PT doesn't make me feel bad about my shortcomings. PT doesn't make fun of things I shouldn't be sensitive about, but kinda am. The Ex was all those things.

But that main one: being sooooo busy, just keeps getting to me. I've mentioned it a couple times, in this blog and my main one. It's just that I'm visiting Chicago this weekend. I, of course, want to spend some time with PT. But he's always so busy with work and weekends are his time with his daughter. He said maybe we could go out Friday, but I don't want to do that because that means he would hold off getting his daughter until Saturday. I figured it would just be easier for me to come in the city on Thursday. But we'll see what happens.

I just hate feeling stressed about this. I hate that he's so busy, but I love what he's doing with his life. And I dread that as time approaches towards me moving back to the city, it'll become painfully aware that not much will change even with me being in the same city.


Anonymous said...

Well you reallllllllllllly have to watch those Virgos, I hear they are the smartest, best looking, sexiest as well as being the best lovers, fathers, and providers. Well thats just what I hear!

CeCe Savage said...

Lol, yes there's just something about Virgos.
They're also...self-aware. ;)


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