Monday, March 28, 2011

Gloria's Romantic Monday: Having The Means To Make It Happen

***Gloria is a friend of mine I know from church. She is a single mother. She has a boyfriend, Gregory, who we all love and her son's father, Rufus, who we all hate. She is fun-loving and hilarious. Gloria is the type of friend who'd be there for you at a party, when things get tough, or even if you need help applying for school.***
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Last week, I talked about Gloria's wedding that will happen at some point in the future. It will be sooner rather than later. As in, at some point in the next two years. I talked a bit about bridesmaids and the fact that Gloria will probably not have any.

This week, I don't have anything new to report. Of course, that doesn't mean there's anything new, I just don't know anything new to add to the blog. Therefore, I'm going to do my thing out on the internet, seeing what I could find that would relate to Gloria's current romantic situation.

Google search term #1: waiting to get married.
Found: all types of crazy stuff. Everything from people waiting to get married until homosexuals have equal rights under the law to people encouraging waiting til after age 25 because of divorce statistics. There was even this one trippy article about this woman lambasting early marriage but offering a disclaimer of her mother's and father's multiple marriages. I'm going to try again.

Google search term #2: marriage without a wedding.
Found: Some interesting articles about not having the means to get married, which sort of applies to Gloria and Gregory. Actually, reading it further it sounds just like them (except the common law marriage thing in NY).

It was in Yahoo Answers. You can read it here. There was another article where a woman was talking about a man who was refusing to have an engagement or a wedding, he just wanted to go to a courthouse. That definitely sounds nothing like Gregory.

I think the first article is the one I'll go with. The woman in the Yahoo Answers thing talks about wanting to make what they have official because they have children. Gloria has a son and so does Gregory. Gloria is interested in making what they have official and starting their family together instead of still operating as two different family units.

If they had the means to, I know they'd probably be married--or at least engaged--already. But I don't know how far from "the means" they can be before Gregory is still trying to wait to see if the situation improves.

I just don't even understand this sentiment. I think it's better to build together rather than build separately and try to combine. But that's just me. I guess we'll see what will happen with Gloria and Gregory.


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