Saturday, March 5, 2011

Noni's Stargazing Saturday: Keeping The Romance Alive, Theoretically

***Noni is one of my really good friends from college. We were even roommates for a year and some change. But she's done with school (for now). She's starting a family with a baby boy and working on herself and her relationship at the same time. Things won't always be easy, but they're usually always interesting.***

I have been trying my hardest to track down Noni. All I can get are a couple of texts here and there so I know she's either alive and well or being held captive by someone who's able to master her text tone. But between family, work, and school, she's got a lot on her plate right now, I so I don't fault her.

I'm heading to Your Tango right now to find something to link to in reference to a young engaged couple raising a child. Of course, I could post something about a person addicted to emotional extremes. Let's just see what catches my attention on the site.

I found an article that is exactly the type of article I was looking for (and couldn't find) on The Frisky last week. This article is called How To Keep The Romance Alive As A Parent. This type of article is perfect for Eric and Noni because so much of their lives revolve around their kid and working to take care of the kid. They don't spend a lot of time on just the two of them.

This article is written by a woman dealing with a six year old. Noni's and Eric's son is only one, but I think it paints an interesting picture of what they have to look forward to. I imagine their son will be the type who asks a million and one questions, including "what are you doing in there?" But the article does provide a good way of looking at things.

For instance, it's important to note that setting aside time for sex around your child's schedule does take some of the spontaneity out of it, but it's the perfect time to really focus in and pay attention to your partner. They get your undivided focus in a way that they might not if you had all day to lavish them with attention. This article says you should appreciate that set aside time together because it's more focused.

Also, it says to make the most of the little moments you can snatch throughout the day. Noni and Eric ride to and from work together every day. They do have some time together before they pick their son up from day care. They could use that time for adult conversation that's focused just on the two of them and save the discussions of whether or not they need to pick up diapers for after they pick up their son.

All in all, I like this article. I hope it would be useful to a couple getting adjusted to life with a child versus life without a child. Hopefully, next week, I'll have something to report about Noni's actual love life.

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